Keeping A Child Health Naturally

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The time of great joys and big challenges, childhood is often accompanied by minor health problems that affect the child’s well-being. Close medical observation is undoubtedly a must, but there are lots of things a parent could do to prevent trouble. Some of the most frequent child affections are colds and flu; how can you keep it away from the family? In autumn, winter and spring, the body is more exposed to the aggression of viruses; therefore, you need to enter the cold period with a fortified system.

Besides a diet rich in vegetables and fruit that strengthen the child’s immune function, there are several herbs that work wonders. For instance, instead of administrating vitamin C tablets to your child, you can replace them with wild rose extract added in the tea. Or you can even prepare tea out of wild rose fruit; it has a high content of organic vitamin C, thus preventing infections and helping to the assimilation of calcium. In the same line of great herbs that boost the child’s immunity we cannot leave Echinacea out, since, it works better than any antibiotic, with an action similar to a vaccination.

In order to support the child’s growth and bone formation, many parents give their young, calcium, under various forms. What most people don’t know is that chemically processed calcium is more difficultly assimilated by the system, consuming essential cellular enzymes in the process. Hence, it is highly advisable to use organic mineral supplements such as oyster calcium, which is an organic extract from the shell of sea creatures. Keep in mind that all calcium treatments require vitamins C and D for the assimilation. Fish is an excellent source of vitamin D, not to mention that sun exposure accelerates the process.

In case you have to fight anemia in children, seaweed and blueberries are an essential source of organic substances that bring balance to a weakened body.