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For the body to function well it is important to clear out the harmful toxins on a regular basis. It is one of those simple things in life and nature that keeps us balanced and functioning. The body is bombarded on so many levels on a daily basis and long life is dependent on the ability to keep the body as free of toxins as possible.

Toxins build up resulting from the metabolic processes, that is the natural organic processes that happen in the cells that are necessary for life. We breathe in toxins, the body accumulates toxins from eating. The opportunities for toxins to attack our system are everywhere.

So lets look at some simple ways of helping the body detoxify itself.

Eating a high fiber diet will enable the bowel to flush out waste with regularity. Eating a diet that consists mainly of fresh food and not processed food will give the body less work to do in flushing out the system from say alcohol or coffee.

Drinking herbal teas and eating a healthy amount of fresh vegetable and fruit will give the body a generous helping of antioxidants which help fight disease in the body. Herbal and green tea will also help to flush out waste from the body.

Water is essential for this job also. Your body needs sufficient water to carry out it’s daily processes and if it does not have enough of a supply it will conserve water and defer the detoxification process until it does. So you will need to drink plenty of fresh water to maintain a good supply.