Meaning of the triangle of health and nutrition in our lives

When it comes to health and nutrition, life, contrary to what the public thinks, is not a matter of life or death; It is not measured by absolute life and death. On the contrary, it is measured in a spectrum of health: a spectrum of health in which there is an aspect of acute mortality, and the alternative is healthy well-being, not just survival. Based on the well-being of the diet, we tend to say that the healthier we are, the more we leave from death. During this time, the passage of time is automatically recorded because health at your age sometimes deteriorates for a certain purpose.

But even if the deterioration of health over time (at least in practical but not theoretical terms) is inevitable, we will continue to do something with lifestyles and habits of well-being to reduce the deterioration of health. Why is good food important for the well-being and longevity of your health? Our body is nourished and cared for with completely different chemicals, mainly oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, as well as with other components such as calcium, iron, zinc, etc., through nutrition, with the exception of oxygen that can be absorbed by the breath. These chemicals promote and help each of our bodies and minds, so we say that nutrition is the basis and pillar of the nutritional health triangle. This is often due to the fact that the diet is not correct, but the body can not have available energy for their movements, reducing the chance of proper physical activity or wellness activity and thus reducing health.

In the psychological half, someone who is not the right kind of nourishment that the mind needs can not carry out higher psychological processes because the need to maintain a healthy mental disposition is also far from being achieved.

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