Natural Tips For Better Sleep

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Is it hormonal? Emotional? Ill-health? Foods? Medications? Mental stress and worry? Breathing difficulties? Tense muscles or pain? The person next to you?

There are so many possible factors that can be attributed to sleep disorders.

And there are just as many or more medication-based “answers” to this problem that work for some people some of the time.

If this is a problem for you then one of the best things to do is begin by taking your own inventory.

Make a list of what in your life is making you feel out of balance and track that daily for a few days. Notice if it’s an ongoing situation that could be disturbing your sleep.

This process helps you to focus in on yourself and start paying attention to things in your life and body that you might not have noticed before. Some imbalances can be contributing to your problem.

Here are some natural sleep aids and tips that can help you snooze the night through:

–Keep your bedtime routine consistent
–Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible
-Eliminate clutter
-Remove televisions, computers, phones, and unnecessary lighting

–Wear pure cotton (organic is best) sleepwear
–Have comfortable pillows
–Take a Lavender Bath
-A few drops of St. Marie’s Lavender
(my fav from Young Living) in your tub!
–Eliminate Caffeine and Sugar after 12 noon
–Put essential oils on your feet before you get into bed (see essential oils tips)
–Use a Sleep Affirmation:
“I will sleep deeply and peacefully, to awake in the morning fresh and full of energy”