Foods for Health

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A very important but less known fact is that there are some foods, when eaten help reduce weight because they are low on calories, and tend to make people feel full for longer; this in turn helps a person reduce weight since a person eats less. However, most food suppressants available today are artificially made and if used frequently may lead to serious side effects and affect the health of an individual.

Therefore, any one looking to reduce weight should ensure that they include some of these natural food suppressants:


This is a great vegetable that can be used to reduce weight through naturally suppressing appetite. It is very low on calories with a cup containing less than 16 calories and very rich in fiber- this is what makes you feel full for longer. As an additional bonus, celery tastes good and is crunchy when chewed making it an ideal food to be used as a weight loss food. It is one of the best foods that a health and fitness enthusiast may engage in since a person may eat as much as they want without fear of gaining weight.


Lentils are powerful food items that have very many benefits not only to the health status of a person but also in any weight loss regime a person may be involved in. Lentils have very many minerals that are important in aiding a person’s metabolism, and are also packed with fibers and proteins.

What makes lentils good natural suppressants is the fact that once in the body, they are digested very slowly and travel through the body’s digestive system in an even slower manner. This has the overall effect of making you feel full for longer- thus you eat less and reduce weight. Additionally, lentils can be cooked in different ways to ensure that they do not become routine foods, they can be made in to dip sauce, soups or as side dishes in a main meal.


Pickles which are made from cucumbers are great snacks since they can be eaten at any time. They are low on calories and a person may eat as much as they can without the fear of adding on weight. Additionally, they boost a person’s immune system and help micro flora- which help in the digestion process- develop in the digestive system.

The good thing about pickles is that they are available in different forms- sour, salted, baked and so on meaning that if they are included in any weight loss regime they cannot become boring since there is variety.