Health benefits of lemon juice

Lemonade is known since the Mughal times as a non-alcoholic drink. Modern research tends to support this use, essential oil is very good for cooling the body. This use can be extended to the use of lemon juice with water and sugar as the best drink you can drink if you have a fever.

When the body temperature is high, whether it is the effects of the sun or the consequences of an illness, it is necessary to drink regularly to avoid dehydration. Sugar is not normally a desirable part of a healthy diet, but has a role in the lemon, and although there is no doubt that adding honey, if available, is highly preferred.

The high vitamin C content of lemon has been used for centuries to protect seafarers and travelers from scurvy. There is little sodium so the fruit is good as a seasoning for people with a low salt diet.

Since lemon growers in some countries extend their healing properties and improve their appearance by covering them with the phenolic chemical and growing the fruit, it is prudent to wash the lemon with some perfume-free soap and then rinse it thoroughly. whole fruit becomes juice.

The pulp, which remains pressed, is excellent for the skin and can also soften insect bites. If equal parts of toilet water and glycerine are added to the residue, it is possible to keep the mixture smooth.

Dr. Morel and Dr. Rochaix have shown that the lemon extract after evaporation neutralized meningococci, typhus, pneumococci and staphylococci in 15-180 minutes.

A French gourmet, Charles Richet, said that Dr. Valnet discovered that lemon juice added to raw oysters before being consumed destroys 92% of the bacteria present in 15 minutes. A good reason to wait before eating!

This information is pertinent to the idea that lemon juice is a very important therapy that can be used in all cases of respiratory infections and as a general tonic.

If the juice is diluted with water, there is no risk of taking a reasonable amount of lemon juice. Make sure you choose bold, brightly colored lemons that are not yet wilted. The first signs of aging can be seen once the stem has been attached to the fruit.

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