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Health benefits of skating

Whether you are a professional skater, a small child, a pensioner, a student or a housewife, you can enjoy the health of skating.

In itself, aerobic training such as running, running and swimming has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. An advantage over the race is that it is not as difficult for the joints as for a low-impact exercise, unless you jump by sliding on the ice. Improves cardiac health and provides significant protection against coronary heart disease and subsequent heart attacks. It also helps you lose weight, because you can burn 250 to 810 calories per hour with recreational skating, according to the American Figure Skating Association website. In the meantime, ice skates on the circuit consume more calories, from 450 to 1080 per hour of skating. To illustrate: a 68-kilo man who drives continuously for an hour burns as many calories as he travels five miles in an hour.

Just like other sports, skates also improve endurance. Resistance arises when a constant and constant rhythm is maintained for a long period. However, it is important to initially agree short distances, but over time these will gradually increase, so the resistance also increases.

Skating also improves muscle tone. When you skate on the ice, the quads and hamstrings are the leg muscles that do most of the work, but many other body muscles work together with these leg muscles. The abdominal and dorsal muscles must contract and relax to maintain posture and balance.

Even the condition improves when you skate because it exercises mental control during the act. You have to be very careful and attentive while skating. It is a form of relief and a form of relaxation for many people who use it to free themselves from the stress of life and work. Fresh air and sunshine in the outdoors Skating, together with the company of family and friends, helps tremendously after a long working week and relaxation. The self-confidence has certainly improved. The challenge to create control and total body balances is proud to be overcome.

It is very nice to see that adults are aware of their health and that many have used skates to stay physically fit. Gone are the days when only children were interested in moving and sliding on the ice.

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